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At The Cambridge Lamb Company
we pride ourselves in producing and supplying high quality,
locally reared lamb within Cambridgeshire:
From Farm to Fork.

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Our Goal

To produce high quality, sustainable and environmentally friendly local lamb to the end consumer.

Bred and Reared

We ensure all our Sheep are healthy, happy and stress-free.

Grass Fed

We believe that the diet of our flock is the key to producing high quality meat.

Value For Money

We strive to provide high quality lamb products at great value in and
around Cambridge.

Where are we?

We are based in Impington where the flock is kept the majority of the time.

The flock is currently made up of 90 Aberfield ewes which are being reared in Cambridgeshire. Go to our website and get baixar jogo era do gelo. Hurry up to go and start winning. 

Where to buy?

The lamb can be bought directly from us. Our preferred and most sought after options are either a whole or half lamb.

Both of these options will be provided butchered and ready to go – the best way of ensuring value for money for our customers.
For smaller cuts, you can purchase them from one of our partnered butchers.

Our Products

If you are looking for smaller cuts, visit our

Partnered butchers

Whole Lamb – £160

What you get from whole a lamb

approx. 4kg
2x Leg of Lamb (4 halves or 2 whole)
approx. 5-6kg
2x Shoulder of Lamb (4 halves or 2 whole)
approx. 1kg
Mince Lamb (2 x 500g bags)
approx. 600g
Lamb Rump Steaks
approx. 1.2kg
Rack of Lamb (available individually)

12 x Single Loin

Half Lamb – £85

What you get from half a lamb

1x Leg of Lamb (2 halves or whole)
approx. 2.5-3kg
1x Shoulder of Lamb (2 halves or whole)
approx. 500g
Mince Lamb (500g bag)
approx. 300g
Lamb Rump Steaks
approx. 600g
Half Rack of Lamb (available individually)

6x Single Loin

Others available to order


Aberfield Ewes
Blue Faced Leicester X

Meat products

Lamb Patties / Burgers
Lamb Kebab

Ready to place an order?

Our Partners

These are the butchers currently taking stock from us:

Histon Chop Shop

Histon Chop Shop is a small butchers shop just outside of Cambridge.


Want to become a partner?


Location is within Cambridgeshire

Do you have land available?


Minimum of 1 acre
Within Cambridgeshire

Get in touch!

Victoria Farm, Main Street, Hardwick, Cambridge CB23 7QS

☎️ 07702 685179

Get in touch!

Victoria Farm, Main Street, Hardwick, Cambridge CB23 7QS

☎️ 07702 685179